Downtown Springfield is about to get some fresh paint!

Vibrant colors and awe-inspiring designs are coming to Springfield's bare building walls and public pianos. From June 2nd - 8th, nationally recognized mural artists will transform downtown building walls in to permanent works of art. Local artists will paint public pianos and more. Community events will encourage residents and visitors to join in the excitement, watch the murals be created, meet the artists, and participate in the creation of one of the murals.

Fresh Paint Springfield is a celebration of community, creativity, and the City of Springfield. All of the art will be located in walkable distances from each other, creating a dynamic outdoor art gallery. This outdoor gallery will encourage people to go beyond a single destination to explore and enjoy the entire Springfield arts and restaurant district.


Mural festivals bring a group of world-class commissioned artists to a city to transform building walls in to works of art. The mural process and associated events occur during one week, attracting visitors from within and outside the city. As permanent public works of art, the murals continue to attract visitors and invigorate the neighborhood for years to come.

Annual mural festivals are held in dozens of cities across the country. In Massachusetts, Worcester, Lynn and Salem all hold annual mural festivals. Each have found them to be an economic and community-building boon.


Beyond Walls, the mural festival in Lynn, is a typical example. An impact study of their festival in 2017 shows that the mural festival was “attended by more than 5,000 Lynn residents and visitors and was an economic bonanza for many businesses. Beyond Walls garnered more than 75 pieces of positive press and 4.5 million social media impressions, accounting for an estimated $407,749 in media coverage.”

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Mural installations also improve property values and increase pedestrian traffic. Several studies in 2016 found that the presence of murals increased property values and identifies “an area in the minds of a generation that wants to be where the action is.”


“Urban spaces are often more concrete than creative, but today forward-thinking cities are showing their support for the arts through urban mural festivals. These vibrant events make art accessible, free of charge to their communities, create Instagram-worthy backdrops to attract visitors, and provide a platform for both local and international talent.”

Forbes Magazine