Street Teams

Much of the success of Fresh Paint Springfield will depend on people promoting it to their communities and social networks. Street teams of 2 or 3 people work together to hand out flyers and hang them up at your schools, your work place, churches, supermarkets, or anywhere else that it can be publicly displayed. Street teams also promote the festival on their social media networks. Street teams are expected to begin promoting Fresh Paint in mid-May, and continuing until the close of the festival on June 8th.


Runners are responsible for retrieving and delivering supplies to artists while they work, and helping out with whatever needs doing in the moment. Runner shifts are 4 hours long, and will be needed from 8AM to 8PM from May 27 – June 9.

Festival Greeters and Guides

Welcome and direct guests to various festival activities; provide tours of the mural installations and share relevant information (which will be provided to you) about each artist and their mural. Greeters and Guides shifts will be during several afternoons during the week of June 2 – 7, and all day on June 8th.

Artist Assistants

Artist Assistants provide hands-on assistance to mural artists as they work. Familiarity with brush and/or spray painting, and the ability to closely follow direction from the artist is required. Availability for multiple morning or afternoon shifts during the week of June 2 – 8 is strongly preferred.

Paint Party Assistant

The Paint Party Assistants help set-up and break-down of community paint parties, and assist community members in the painting. It’s easy and fun. No prior experience with painting is required.

Good Space Mural Installation and Painting Assistant

This is a two-week full time position from May 27th to June 9th. The Mural Assistant will be paid a stipend of $1000.

  • Help with the under and over painting of the mural at the studio space

  • Help with installation of mural panels onto the wall

  • Help with painting of the wall

  • Requires comfort with heights and being on a lift

  • Requires the ability to do physical labor, and spend up to 12 hour days outside

  • Requires familiarity with painting

  • We will teach the parachute cloth mural technique!

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