Before and After

State Street & the 91 Underpass will be painted by John Simpson @johnsimpsonart


2 Spring Street will be painted by Nero @uncle_ro


Skyview Downtown (formerly Chestnut Park) Parking Garage will be painted by GoodSpace Murals @goodspacemurals


The Taylor Street Parking Garage will be painted by Andrae and Priya Green @ummmpriya @andraegreenstudios


Taylor & Main and Hampden & Main will be painted by Colectivo Morivivi @colectivo_morivivi


Union Station Concourse will be painted by Ryan Murray

I thought the mural festival was a great event as far as putting Worcester at the forefront, not just locally, but internationally. People actually wanted to come down and walk around downtown.
— Joseph Petty, Mayor of Worcester MA
If those murals weren’t there, they would have been big blank walls. We created a space that would have been not-so-attractive to somebody and made it more like, ‘I want to live there. I want to see color.’ People go and take pictures by it all the time. We’re known as the community with the big mural. They don’t even refer to us as Crescent Highland.”
— Aldo Muccia, Vice President of Brand for Crescent Communities
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