Wane One, New York City, NY


In 1983, Wayne became ‘Wane One’ when he painted his first train. This was the beginning of a lifelong love for graffiti and the culture that surrounded it. He had an unquenchable thirst for painting his pieces onto these metal surfaces, thus transforming them into mobile works of art. In 1988, Wane started experimenting and exploring other media, such as painting with acrylic on canvas, denim jackets and jeans. Wane was also one of the first writers to make the transition into graphic design and has designed logos for hip-hop groups like Gangstarr, Jeru the Damager and Group Home. Presently, Wane divides his time between painting in New York, across the US, and internationally, running his company Writers Bench, designing for Sean John Menswear, Nike, and Reebok and traveling around the world. Wane resides in the Bronx.